Welcome of Newborn Babies

Welcome of Newborn Babies (Please scroll down for more info)
Baptism isn't for everyone because the promises people make are specifically to do with becoming a Christian and a member of the Church. This is especially so in these times when so many people are 'put off' by the hypocrisy of the Church's saying one thing and then doing another. This does not ever mean that God does not want to help us, or welcome a new life. Our experience is that many people, for whom Baptism is not the best option, really want to say 'Thank you' to God, and to give their new baby a name, and to invite their wider family into their life for help and support.
We are trying to reduce the hypocrisy both by taking our baptismal promises very seriously, and at the same time by offering some other options that may suit you better. At St. John's we have developed a service that helps people to do this. Instead of asking people to come to our church at our time to do 'our thing', we conduct a "Naming, Blessing and Thanksgiving for Birth" service. This lets you choose your own day, time and place and to write your own words. We are very happy to help in whatever way we can in this process. To see one version of a 'Naming Blessing and Thanksgiving Service' click on this link.