When Someone Dies

When Someone Dies (Please scroll down for more info)
When someone dies, the most common first reaction is one of shock and numbness. Having a person who knows what to do can be a great help. If you would appreciate such help then
Fr. Paul will be most willing to help you with the Church Service arrangements for your loved one who has died.
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Some Practices Surrounding Death from the Past: Because Christians believe that no one is ever out of the loving care of God, they have not been afraid of death. This is why we have cemeteries and memorial gardens in Church yards. These people are the ones who have gone before us in the faith, and are now watching us, like athletes who have already competed in their events, watching how we will go. Christians take heart from the examples of their 'ancestors' in the faith and regularly remember them (they are the 'Saints'), and all who have died before us.

In the Catacombs: When I visited Rome, I heard this great story. In the Catacombs, one of the most common images was that of Jesus as a very young 'Good Shepherd.' The reason why this picture was so common was this: Many people had died in Rome as Martyrs. Others had betrayed the faith and burned incense at the shrine of Caesar or handed over copies of the Scriptures to be burned. The Church asked 'Can we bury these people along with our martyrs?' 'YES! Came the reply.' It is God who judges, not we and the Good Shepherd goes after the lost sheep, even in death.' This is a wonderful sign of God's love toward us, even as we approach death.

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