20-9-15 The Difference Between the Wounds That Drive Us To God And The Wounds that Wound Others
13-9-15 What The Picture of Aylan Kurdi Did To Me
6-9-15 An Event of 'Remembering' [anamnesis] and Forgiveness in the Eucharist
30-8-15 How the adjective 'traditional' shuts down necessary conversation
23-8-15 On Finding Out The Origins of 'Low Rise' Jeans and Rap Music
16-8-15 It's Dscipleship, Not More Religious Consumerism That We Need
9-8-15 More on Sacraments and Physicality
2-8-15 John Gottman's Latest Research on Successful Marriage: Context and Being a Christian
26-7-15 Why The Shroud of Turin Matters: The Physicality of God
19-7-15 When The Earth Is Swallowed By The Sun The Christ Remains, And On Offer Every Sunday Morning At Eucharist
12-7-15 Reflections on Greek Orthodox Liturgy
5-7-15 My Need to Surrender Myself, and Some Defences Against It
21-6-15 Doing Church as 'Fun' and Dying in the Faith of Christ
14-6-15 Crying in the Lab: Tim Hunt and his Co-workers
7-6-15 Church as Part of Society: Church as Alternative Version of It
21-5-15 Why I Still Believe in, But not Believe in Vampires, Gohsts, Zombies, Angels, Daemon Possession
24-5-15 What I Learned About Church Life From Our 140th Celebrations
17-5-15 A Better Response to The Building of a Mosque than Opposing It
10-5-15 Being Christian Means Having As Big A 'Take' On the World 'System' as Possible

Why Don't We Have An Interval During The Eucharist?

26-4-15 GAFCON Galations and The Future of Anglicanism
19-4-15 On Seeing the 'Dents Du Midi' and Being Moved
12-4-15 Christian Martyrdom Now?
29-3-15 How the Road To Emmaus Story Helps Us Understand the Life of the Early Church as Contemporary With Our Own.
22-3-15 Barchester Towers is Like The Myers Brigs for Clergy
15-3-15 How God is Present to me apart from 'Fear and Trembling'
8-3-15 How Imagination Makes Some Good and Bad Things Possible
1-3-15 Decision Making as a Christian
22-2-15 The Relationshp Between Questions and Answers
15-2-15 Why Our Motto at St. John's is "Surprisingly Different"
8-2-15 Three Things that Governments Have Done That Are 'Beastly' and Not 'Human"
1-2-15 A New Creed for the Diocese of Armidale? Quelle Horreur!
21-12-14 God Comes As  Promised:  But Also Like A Thief In The Night
14-12-14 The Eucharist is Actions More than Words, But What Actions!
7-12-14 Having a Story to Tell, But What Kind?
30-11-14 Empowerment, Waiting and Engcouragement
23-11-14 The Bible is words about God not Word of God, who is Jesus the Christ, and how to meet Him
16-11-14 Community and Experience: Reflections on  Visit to the Doctor
9-11-14 When Should Leaders Express their Doubts and Questions?
2-11-14 What Happens When We ‘Get Conscious’ about the Istitution of The Church?
26-10-14 Common Defences Against Anxiety and the Sacramental Way of Dealing With Them
19-10-14 A Response to Ebola and Isis However Inadequate
12-10-14 Being Two (Differentiated) and Being One Flesh (Communion)
5-10-14 Why the Priest in the Eucharist is not the 'Celebrant' but the 'President'
28-9-14 Living Before the Face of God: More Despatches From The Front
7-9-14 How Christians Can Read the Common Testament as Scripture
31-8-14 Why Church Year Calendars Matter
24-8-14 Symbolic Secrets of 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
17-8-14 What I Learned About Safety From Replacing a Hard Drive
10-8-14 On Hearing About the nobles' Response to the Peasants' Revolt of 1381
3-8-14 Not everything is 'about me' but sometimes it is!
27-7-14 When Everyone Is Afraid
20-7-14 Two Images of the Pieta for Two Different Kinds of Spiritual Work
13-7-14 Depersonalisation: Making Stealing and Bureaucracy Possible
6-7-14 Another Story About Negotiating Difference
15-6-14 How a Community's Rediscovery of Christ for Us Leads to True Christian Inovation
8-6-14 Reflections Occasioned by the Stoning of Farzana Parveen
1-6-14 More on Martin Luther: Individualism and Growth in Holiness
25-5-14 How Modern Martin Luther Feels A reflection on being called into existence by God's 'regard' (Gaze)
18-5-14 A Call to Courage and Intellectual Honesty to those who want it both ways: Not to believe, but to have the Church 'there for them' when they need it
11-5-14 If There Weren't the Ministry of Deacons, We'd Have to Invent them to stay Church
4-5-14 Saints, Canonisation, Community and Authority
27-4-14 Dementia Memory and Narrative
13-4-14 Reflections Before Holy Week
6-4-14 What Does 'I Don't Do Facebook' Mean?
30-3-14 More on Faith Development
23-3-14 Talking with Questioners of the Faith, Responding with the help of Robert Kegan
16-3-14 What 'Looking Away' During 'The Peace' Teaches Me
9-3-14 A Reflection on John Greenleaf Whittier's 'dear Lord and Father of Mankind'
2-3-14 How different Languages Ideas About not Liking Other People Can Be Instructive
23/2/14 How a knowledge of our 'frames' can help us to understand one another
16/2/14 What Martin Luther Can Teach us about 'The Good'
9-2-14 What are the elements that go into making us 'Body of Christ'?
2-2-14 How the idea of 'Triple Constraints' Might Work in the Church.
26-1-14 Being Catholic: Thinking about 'Messy Church, Fresh Expressions' and the Whole Process of Being Christian
19-1-14 Some Thoughts on the Debate about the Proposed Changed Wording of the Church of England's Baptism Liturgy
12-1-14 What a Review of Our 'Visitor Return Slips' Tells Us
22-12-13 Ruby Wax's Plastic Surgery, 'Insides' and 'Outsides' and Christians
15-12-13 How I Let Go of Worrying Before Church If No One Came, But that What We Do Still Matters
8-12-13 Revenge, Justice, Reconciliation, Judgement and TV!
1-12-13 Are We Made of Numbers?
1-12-13 Are We Made of Numbers?
24-11-13 What are Priests For?
17-11-13 Why the Trinity is Not Just Metaphysics, but Essential to Christianity
10-11-13 How Do We Find a Basis of Unity When We Disagree About So Much
3-11-13 Reflection on God as 'The Wound' after reading Giles Fraser's Column
27-10-13 After seeing a documentary I have repented of being 'against sport': At least non commercial sport
20-10-13 Under What Conditions Can I Belong?
13-10-13 The Church, Depression and Belonging
6-10-13 Learning about Leadership from 'Fractals'
15-9-13 What Stories Told Me About God and How Philip Pullman Expanded My Ideas
8-9-13 How the Church is and is Not Like a Company
1-9-13 How Christians Can Respond to a More Visible Islam
25-8-13 The Problem with both the Church of England's Cultured Despisers and its Clergy
18-8-13 Church is God's 'Cabaret' and so is Life, so 'Come to the Cabaret'
11-8-13 The 'Wild Man' of the Tombs meets the 'Stronger One'
4-8-13 What Zombies Tell Us
28-7-13 A Reply to Archbishop Peter Jensen on his Retirement
21-7-13 Two NewThings I learned about the Symbols in our Church Recently
14-7-13 Going to Leonard Cohen and Going to Mass
7-7-13 It 'Being True to Myself' as the New Girl Guides Oath Says All There Is?
30-6-13 Different Kinds of Talking, or None and How They Help us to 'Turn to Christ'
23-6-13 Anger, its Uses, and Proper Expression
16-6-13 What the Movie 'Evan Almighty' taught me about being Church
9-6-13 What Having a Ministerial Review Taught me, especially about 'English as a Second Language'
2-6-13 What 'Wishing Wells' and being vegitarian have to do with the Eucharist
26-5-13 'Phantom of the Opera' Relationship, Development and the Trinity
19-5-13 Something on Reformed Chruch Architecture and What it Tells us From a Visit to a Friend
12-5-13 What the Collects Tell us about What We Really Want From God
5-5-13 Ecclesiastical 'Teddy Bears' and Christian Maturity
21-4-13 On Pilgrimage
14-4-13 The Hymns of Change
7-4-13 My Holy Week and Easter
31-3-13 How the Christian Story Makes Sense of the World
24-3-13 What the Papal Mass of Francis1 Said to Me about Eucharistic Symbolism
17-3-13 How I Pick Hymns for the Eucharist and some Ideas about Music in Church
10-3-13 Not Plaintifs but Judges, Not Thieves but Philanthropists: St Paul and the Christians
3-3-13 Dealing With Emotions When the Game Changes
24-2-13 What it takes to 'Make a Christian'
17-2-13 Why Size Matters When it Comes to Baptism.
13-1-13 Learning abpout Devotion and Renunciation from the Jaines and Hindus via William Dalrymple's 'Nine Lives'
6-1-13 Still Confused about New Year!
30-12-12 Why do I need to recover from Christmas?: The Cost of Openness.
23-12-12 Two visits, two poems: 'Reeling from God' and 'Staying Still'
16-12-12 Graham Greene's 'The Heart of the Matter' Living in Ultimate Time, But Not Yet'
9-12-12 Negotiating Difference: Not democracy but 'the sense of the meeting' in prayer
2-12-12 Responding When New Christian Groups Come to Town aren't we 'charismatic' too?
25-11-12 Clint Eastwood's Journey: 'Unforgiven to 'Gran Torino'
18-11-12 The Real Motives Behind Giving in Stewardship
11-11-12 Eucharist: A Tune Beyond us, Yet ourselves
4-11-12 Forgiveness as 'Giving Up the Hope for a Better Past'
28-10-12 Courage and Christian Leadership inspired by St. Crispin's Day
21-10-12 How Formation can Help to Steer a Course between Heirarchy and Individualism in the Church
14-10-12 Why Church is like and not like the game show 'Flog It'
7-10-12 Why Evensong is good on a Sunday Evening, but Mattins is not on a Sunday Morning
30-9-12 Can we Recover from 'Transgressive Knowledge' that Damages Us?
23-9-12 More on 'Getting into the Water'. Swimming Lac Léman as a Baptismal Experience
16-9-12 Swimming Lac Léman as a performance of the Gospel
9-9-12 Why Don't We Have Miracles Now as they Did in Jesus' Day?
2-9-12 What Derise from 'Cool Runnings' and Moses have in common with Us!
26-8-12 Why Boredom and Yearning for God are Good things (Especially about the Eucharist)
12-8-12 Getting Heavier, Accepting Migrants and the Eucharist
5-8-12 How to Fight Fair or Speaking your truth in love
29-7-12 Why is the Nicene Creed so Important?
22-7-12 Music in worship as Discipleship. Worship as our 'Front Door'
15-7-12 How acting 'as if every hair of my head is numbered' made friends from public servants
8-7-12 Where can I flee from God's Presence, and wy do I want to do it?
1-7-12 Ideas about 'The Future' and how they affect what we do no
24-6-12 Self Awareness, Communication and Christian Faith
17-6-12 Reflections on two Hymns
10-6-10 How the Fashion Industry is a Distortion of the Relationship between Clothes and the Individual
3-6-12 What posture in Church says about us and God
27-5-12 Owning our projections on a basis of love in the church
20-5-12 Family Dynamics and Decision Making