20-9-15 Being 'The Greatest', and Being a Child"
13-9-15 What Does it Mean to 'Take Up My Cross Daily" and to "Loes My Life in Order to Find it"
30-8-15 God Wants Integrity: Integrated Inside and Outside, Not Dissembling
23-8-15 Is Following Jesus too Hard or Does He Really Have the Words of Eternal life?
16-8-15 The Incarnation Still Happens: In Preaching, In Bread and Wine, In Us
9-8-15 How the Father Calls Us to Jesus, and Why We Will Never Die
2-8-15 Why Is Jesus True Food?
26-7-15 True and False Food
19-7-15 Mission, Compassion and Sheep Without a Shepherd
12-7-15 Jazz Is Making It Up As You Go Along: Sort Of
5-7-15 Resisting God, and Fulfilling the Mission
21-6-15 Stilling the storm of our fears when crossing over to 'the other side'
14-6-15 Nicene Creed Part 8: One Baptism etc.
7-6-15 Nicene Creed Part Seven. One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
31-5-15 Nicene Creed Part Six: More on the Spirit
24-5-15 Nicene Creed Part Five: Why the Spirit is Indispensable
10-5-15 Nicene Creed Part Four: More About Jesus God's Word and Reconciler


3-5-15 Nicene Creed Part Three: Why It Is Important that Jesus is Lord
26-4-15 Nicene Creed Part Two: Why God as Father/Creator is Vital
19-4-15 Nicene Creed Part One: Why a Creed? What Does 'We Believe" Mean?
12-4-15 Thomas and The Church: Reflections on Post Easter
22-3-15 What Did they Recognise that was 'dead' and needed to be brought to life that made them believe in Jesus?
15-3-15 Letting Jesus' Story Continue to Be our Story: Not just 'seeing' but continuing engagement with Him.
8-3-15 Lent 3 Becoming a Spring Instead of Having to Take Water
Lent 2 Transfiguration God's Incarnate Glory Hidden in Humility
22-2-15 Hanging on By the Skin of Your Teeth: Temptation
15-2-15 Fearful Paralysis and Vision
8-2-15 The Mystery of the Word made Flesh
1-2-15 The Meaning of Christ as Light -Humanity Before God
28-12-14 Being a Redemptive Community in a World where violence happens even before we can choose.
21-12-14 The Nature of God: Always to be doing something creative with what is shameful
14-12-14 We Can't Understand Jesus by Extrapolating from What we Think We Already Know
30-11-14 Getting Ready For When the Messiah Comes
23-11-14 Sheep and Goats: Encounter with Christ is always open-heartedness
9-11-14 Remembrance Sunday
2-11-14 All Saints: Being in Communion
19-10-14 Jesus is Lord: So What About Government?
12-10-14 The Reign of God is Like a Wedding
5-10-14 Being Modest toward the Creation and Rich toward God. Harvest and Blessing of the Animals
28-9-14 Why Jesus Won't Tell His Opponents By What Authority He Acts
7-9-14 Dealing with Conflict in the Church
31-8-14 Why is it Life Giving to Die?
24-8-14 What Does it mean to be, like Bartholomew a Servant Witness with no guile?
17-8-14 Jesus Walks on Water (again) Only This Time Toward a Gentile Woman
10-8-14 Faith is Not Safety in the Boat (a noun), But Stepping Out! (a verb)
3-8-14 Approaching God's Spendthrift Generosity
27-7-14 "I Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want"
20-7-14 On Not Pulling Out the Weeds
13-7-14 Montreux Jazz Mass: Jass Means Knowing the Tunes, Having Skill, and having the Spirit
15-6-14 Trinity Sunday: The Trinity a Necessary Mystery
8-6-14 Pentecost: The Scariest Day of the Year or How we avoid contact with God in the Spirit
1-6-14 Monika Harbaugh Prayers - Stepping Stones in My Faith Journey.
25-5-14 My Life My Faith: Geoff Fookes
18-5-14 How a Christian Can Be 'Good Enough'
11-5-14 'What I Want to Be When I Grow Up'
30-3-14 Living to the Glory of God with Our Weakness
9-3-14 Lent 1 Transfiguration
2-3-14 How Jesus 'radiates' light and love at the Transfiguration, and what that does to us
23--2-14 Sermon on the Mount 3 'This is not a Sermon, but a call to leave everything and follow Him.'
16-2-14 Sermon on the Mount 2 Have You Got Your Heart Right?
9-2-14 Being Salt and Light is Not Just an Individual Thing
2-2-14 Presentation/Candlemass. The Comfort and Discomfort of Christ as Light.
19-1-14 The Matrix 'Red Pill', Becoming a Disciple and Us
22-12-13 Joseph Rembers his Tradition, and is Helped in a Dream To See God's Work in Potential Disaster.
15-12-13 Is Jesus 'The One?'
8-12-13 Advent 2: Being friends in love as the basis for mutual correction and repentance. It feels like fire!
1-12-13 Advent: God's Judgement is Real -Get Ready!-So is My Own Sin-Time to Change
17-11-13 How Anxiety Makes us want to stop trusting and to close down things too soon
10-11-13 Remembrance Sunday: Confrontation with the Personal
3-11-13 All Saints: To Be a Saint is to Listen to an Alternative Spirit, it Means Freedom
27-10-13 Stewardship: What people really think about giving.
20-10-13 Not letting Go, and Letting Go. The Issue of Justice
13-10-13 Being Part of the 10% Who follow Christ, and allow Him to Determine who is "Us" and "Them"
6-10-13 Harvest Festival: Creativity: 'going out in love' and Sin: 'refusal'
15-9-13 Three Selves: A Pharisee, A Sheep and a Jesus
8-9-13 Can Jesus Really Be Serious About Taking Up the Cross?
1-9-13 God is just so full of fun, he can't help upsetting trhe order of things.
25-8-13 Who is the real cripple? The Woman or the Synagogue Official
18-8-13 The Usefulness of Fire in Relationships
11-8-13 Staying Faithful You never know who might be coming into your shop!
4-8-13 Wealth Stops us From Focusing on More Real Things
28-7-13 Making Sense of Prayer
21-7-13 Reconciling our 'Mary' and 'Martha' Selves. The Role of the Spirit in the Church
14-7-13 Sermon for Montreux Jazz Festival 'Jazz Means Life'
7-7-13 Being Part of God's Mission for Freedom, Gets Your Name Written in Heaven
30-6-13 Saints Peter and Paul
23-6-13 The Battle to Exorcise the Legions that 'Occupy Us' and Drive Us Crazy
16-6-13 Close Encounters of the Litteral Kind with the Body of Christ
9-6-13 How to Fight Death
2-6-13 A Centurian knows how the world works, and Trusts Jesus.
26-5-13 Trinity Sunday: Why We Absolutely must Speak of God as Trinity.
19-5-13 How Christians substitute the Bible, Authority and Tradition for the Spirit of the living God
5-5-134 What kind of peace is there that is not as 'the world' gives it?'
14-4-13 How Jesus Meets us, in the same way he met Peter
7-4-13 Thomas: Everyone has to 'Get' Jesus for Themselves or Else They Have Nothing to Say
10-3-13 Lent 4: Prodigal Fathers and Prodigal Sons
3-3-13 Lent 3: Repentance, Not Blame is Jesus' Programme, But Don't Waste His Time!
24-2-13 Lent 2 Transfiguration and Transformation
17-2-13 Lent 1. Temptation and Devotion
6-1-13 Epiphany 'Strangers who know about the encounter'
30-12-12 'Holy Family' 'I must be about my Father's Business, in the family!'
23--12-12 Communities of Hope and Life Then and Now
16-12-12 How to live in the light: God's loving, but insistent Judgement
9-12-12 Cleaning out the 'Loft' and Clearing our 'Ecclesiastical Decks' for Mission
2-12-12 Advent 1: Being in God's Contested Story and in God's Time
25-11-12 Christ the King: Gospel Stories about How Christ Rules
18-11-12 Trouble as birth pangs!
11-11-12 Lest we Forget , But What?
4-11-12 Keeping All Saint's Day: Continuity and Renewal
21st October 2012 Some ways of discovering what you value in giving to the Church Stewardship Preparation 2
14th October 2012 Creating a Good Culture about Money in Church: Stewardship Preparation Sermon 1
7th October 2012 Harvest Festival: In Christ both Nature and Culture find their Unity
30th September 2012 How to enter the reign of God without killing yourself before you get there
16th September 2012 Avoiding Spiritual Anorexia and getting yourself out of the way
9th September 2012 Not taking 'No' for an answer, even from God
2nd September 2012 Mark 7 Jesus on Clean and Unclean
26th August 2012 Jesus the Christ Wants to be the Determining Reality of our Lives
12th August 2012 John 6: Coming to Christ as the True source of life is not easy!
5th August 2012 John 6 Feeding the 5000 Week 2 'Real Food'
29th July 2012 John 6 Feeding of the 5000, Week 1
22nd July 2012 Mary Magdalene